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Wrapper Ancillaries

Conveyor Systems

Inpac are able to design, supply and install pallet conveyor systems, not only to be used in conjunction with end-of-line packaging equipment but also for stand alone applications. Control and interfacing can be included in pallet wrapper control panels or dedicated conveyor control panels. Conveyors can also be supplied to be controlled from equipment supplied by third parties.

Safety Fencing

Various styles of safety fencing can be provided to match the site requirements and risk assessment. Access doors would normally be fitted with safety switches connected to the equipment safety circuits.

Light Barriers

Whilst safety fencing prevents accidental personnel access to automated machinery, it is not suitable for all areas. Conveyors need to move product to, and away from, protected machines. These gaps in the safety fencing would normally be protected by personnel light barriers, allowing normal product movement but preventing personnel from accessing moving machinery.

Top Sheet Dispensers

Although wrapping on four sides is frequently sufficient protection for palletised goods, there are applications where applying a cover to the top of the pallet is also required. Where an integrated top sheet dispenser is not an available option on a particular automatic pallet wrapper, or for retrofit installations, a separate automatic top sheet dispenser can be supplied.