the packaging machine specialists

End-Of-Line Packaging Products Overview

Our independent expertise enables us to deliver the best shrink wrap packaging solutions to meet your specific needs. The factors we consider include:

  • Types of packages
  • Methods of packaging
  • Quantities and throughput
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Whole life cost
  • Reliability
  • Maintainability
  • Space constraints

From these we design the best and most cost effective shrink wrapper system for your needs. The machines we supply and service include the following:

Pallet Stretch Wrappers - wrapping machines saving up to 70% of the wrap film costs.

Horizontal Stretch Wrappers - designed to wrap long or difficult shaped product.

Bag Palletisers - securely position and wrap bags of product onto pallets.

Pallet Overwrappers - Designed to securely and durably wrap and protect loads in more demanding applications.

Shrink Sleeve Wrapping Machines - Machines designed to pack products together by the use of shrink wrapping film. The film is shrunk under heating to provide a tight secure fit.

Shrink Tunnels - Sophisticated shrink wrapping machines designed to provide a rapid and even heating for optimum wrapping.

Lateral Loaders - packaging of all types of products into a large range of cases and trays.

Conveyor Systems - are designed for optimum handling and moving of product.