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Pallet Overwrappers

Pallet overwrapping, with the resulting high load retention, stability and protection, is the ideal wrapping method for more demanding applications.

Shrink Hooding

Hoods of a suitable size for the pallet being wrapped will be produced from rolls of shrink material. Machines can carry several roll sizes which, together with auto-sensing of the pallet height and 90º hood orientation, allow a variety of pallet sizes to be handled without manual intervention. The hoods will then be opened before being lowered over the pallet. A shrink frame passes over the palletised load, shrinking the hood on to the product with hot air. The hot air can be produced by either gas or electricity.

Stretch Hooding

Hoods of varying sizes are produced in the same way as with Shrink Hooding. The hoods are then opened and stretched before being applied to the pallet. Once released by the stretching head the hoods will attempt to recover their original size, producing a stable, cost effective and weather protected load.