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Horizontal Stretch Wrappers

Horizontal stretch wrappers which are sometimes referred to as Spiral Wrappers or Orbital Wrappers, are ideal for applications requiring long items or bundles to be wrapped for protection or collation. They are also suitable for wrapping items such as doors, worktops or laminated panels.


Semi automatic horizontal stretch wrapper machines represent the entry level in the Inpac range of horizontal stretch wrappers. The operator lays the product on the infeed conveyor rollers, actuates the foot switch and pushes the load through the machine. Actuating the foot switch starts the wrapping head; releasing it causes the head to return to its home position where the film is automatically cut and prepared for the next load.

Fully automatic

Fully automatic horizontal stretch wrapper machines just require the load to be placed on the infeed conveyor, either manually by an operator or as part of an integrated production line. The product is automatically transported through the machine head where the stretch film is applied. During normal use no operator intervention is required other than to make any desired changes to the wrapping parameters via the touch-screen interface or to change the film roll. Powered chain and roller conveyors are available as alternatives to the standard belt conveyors. Where additional collation stability and strength is required, automatic strapping machines can be incorporated into the system.