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Pallet Wrapping and Shrink Wrapping Specialists Inpac Automation Ltd


Inpac Automation was originally founded in 1967 and became one of the first designers and manufacturers of pallet wrappers, shrink wrappers and a variety of packaging machines using stretch wrapping technology.

From the earliest days Inpac have had a policy of producing the highest quality stretch wrap solutions since these result in the longest life expectancy of the machines. The highest quality can still, however, be achieved whilst being very cost competitive.

Commitment to Customers

Our commitment to customer support and long service reliability of our pallet wrappers and shrink wrappers has been proven by so many loyal customers sticking with us over many years. And word of mouth has been so effective in attracting new customers. We support every stretch wrapping machine that has been delivered since Inpac first started - over 40 years ago.

We pride ourselves on:

  • Our reputation for quality and reliability of all our packaging machines.
  • Employing highly trained, experienced staff, with excellent knowledge of shrink wrap technology.
  • 40 years experience in the end-of-line packaging industry.
  • Technical expertise and ability to offer stretch wrap packaging solutions to meet individual requirements.
  • Very price competitive.
  • Providing high quality, robust and reliable packaging machines, supported by a comprehensive stock of spare parts.
  • Long term commitment to customer support.
We are based in a high tech facility in Uxbridge, West of London. Our mobile technicians provide support for all our stretch wrapping machines and systems throughout the UK and Ireland.